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Alien  pendant PewterAlien pendant Pewter
Ancient Rune for Protection  Pewter CharmAncient Rune for Protection Pewter Charm
Angel Gabriel blowing TrumpetAngel Gabriel blowing Trumpet
Anubis  god of ancient Egypt.Anubis god of ancient Egypt.
Arrow HeadArrow Head
Arrow HeadArrow Head
Arrow head  Pewter CharmArrow head Pewter Charm
Baseball Cap  Pewter CharmBaseball Cap Pewter Charm
Bat flying 3D silver platedBat flying 3D silver plated
Bat SymbolBat Symbol
Bat Symbol PewterBat Symbol Pewter
Bear 3 DBear 3 D
Bear HeadBear Head
Bear on a Ring,  Pewter CharmBear on a Ring, Pewter Charm
Bear with Heart  Pewter CharmBear with Heart Pewter Charm
Beaver PawBeaver Paw
Bird MedallionBird Medallion
Bird MedallionBird Medallion
Bull Head  Pewter CharmBull Head Pewter Charm
Bull Symbol BeadBull Symbol Bead
Butterfly  Pewter CharmButterfly Pewter Charm
Cat Egyptian, Pewter CharmCat Egyptian, Pewter Charm
Catfish Charm PewterCatfish Charm Pewter
Celtic CrossCeltic Cross
Celtic CrossCeltic Cross
Celtic Cross PewterCeltic Cross Pewter
Celtic TriskelionCeltic Triskelion
Celtic TriskelionCeltic Triskelion
Cheerleader, Pewter CharmCheerleader, Pewter Charm
Cobra EgyptianCobra Egyptian
Crab, Pewter CharmCrab, Pewter Charm
Cross   Wire-wrappedCross Wire-wrapped
Cross FiligreeCross Filigree
Cross OrthodoxCross Orthodox
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