Braided leather cord
Braided Leather Cord (Bolo) is used in jewelry making, for bracelets, necklaces, to decorate leather garments, boots and  in many other leather crafts.
We are direct importers of leather cords and we stock  many popular colors and sizes of bolo or braided leather cord, including black, natural, brown, pink and multicolored.

We carry braided leather cords from  2 mm to 8 mm thickness with 4mm being the preferred braided  leather cords for bolos and necklaces with large pendants, chokers, bracelets and anklets. It comes in lengths of 10 or 25 meters with a quantity discount, but it can also be purchased in one meter lengths.

Use Silver Plated End Cups for a better fit. If the end cups do not fit easily, it helps to trim the cord at an angle and work it in.