Braided  Leather Cord

Braided Leather Cord

Braiding leather cord creates a composite cord that is thicker and stronger than the non-interlaced strands of leather. Braided leather cord is great for making jewelry, bolo ties, trimming and a lot more leather projects
About Braided Leather Cord

About Braided Leather Cord

raided Leather Cord comes from well established leather cord manufacturers with many years of experience.Our leather cord is of the finest quality, certified 100% Lead-Free, consistent, tight weave and soft, suitable for making jewelry, fashion accessories, bolo ties, garments and other leather crafts. 

And because we are a Mom and Pop business we can afford to sell at unbeatable low price.ience in the field. Braided leather cord is available in sizes (Diameter) from 2.5 mm to 8 mm in many colors.